Arrested Texas border agent described as 'serial killer'

Prosecutor: Border Patrol agent went on 2-week killing spree | Miami Herald

‘Serial killer’ US Border agent suspected of killing prostitutes

Image: Ortiz was arrested by police in the Texas city of Laredo.

A US Border Patrol agent was taken into custody in Texas on Saturday morning in connection with the killings of four people and aggravated kidnapping, according to Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar.

Mr Alaniz said investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the killings, and that they believe Ortiz acted alone.

Ortiz reportedly fled from state troopers before being arrested in the parking lot of a Laredo hotel.

South Texas authorities said Juan David Ortiz, 35, an intelligence supervisor with the Border Patrol and a 10-year veteran of the agency, targeted prostitutes.

Two of the victims were found earlier on Saturday and on Friday evening.

Prosecutor: Border Patrol agent went on 2-week killing spree | Miami Herald
US Border Patrol Agent Charged With Murdering 4 in Killing Spree

It is unclear what evidence suggests that Ortiz is the killer of all of the women but authorities have noted similarities in each crime. Deputies detained the agent following a two-week murder investigation following the discovery of the bodies of two women the agent is accused of killing, KGNS reported on Saturday. Nationalities of the others are not yet known.

I also intend to speak with the General Inspector of DHS who is working on this matter, to express my concern that this is the second case this year involving a border patrol agent who has killed someone in Laredo.

"We do consider this to be a serial killer".

On Thursday, 42-year-old Claudine Anne Luera was found fatally wounded off a roadway not far from where the previous body was found. The names of the victims were not immediately released. That information belongs to the corresponding agencies who are handling the information and will make a more in depth release at the appropriate time.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a statement saying that it was fully cooperating with the investigation.

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