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More of a longshot, but Apple could also use the event to unveil a new-look iPad, one that mirrors the bezel-less look of the iPhone X.

Elaborating on the features of the iPhone XR, the report states that its screen size will be roughly 6.1-inches and feature an LCD display as opposed to an OLED panel.

While last year's iPhone X - with its $1,000 price tag - was positioned as premium device, Apple's 6.1-inch iPhone will be much more affordable.

Two of them - the smallest and biggest - will have OLED screens; OLED screens have been in smartphones for some years now, though Apple only chose to use it for the first time last year on the iPhone X. The black glass design of the current iPhones will seemingly feature again on the new models. In addition to updated specifications, the iPhone Xs will also come in gold (as well as gray and silver).

Let's start by pointing out that there are three new iPhones expected to be unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park this Wednesday, with screen sizes of 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.5 inches.

As per the reports, it has been seen that the tech giant will be launching the all-new 3 iPhone devices which are among the bunch of the other products at the event.

As per the Bloomberg report, it said that the Apple will be now focusing on internal improvements.

Every new Apple Watch is usually accompanied by a range of new digital watch faces and straps, and the same is expected to be true this time around. In fact, we have already seen a gold iPhone in 2018 - the iPhone X that was believed to be canceled prior to the launch of iPhone past year. Business Insider details this here, showing that the iPhone 8 is highest in Brazil at $1,377 (Dh5,058).

The company is forecast to sell 220 million iPhones in 2018, which is flat compared to a year ago, but Apple has successfully raised unit prices without consumer backlash.

"Don't expect massively disruptive new features but smart pricing repositioning around an enhanced iPhone X, enabling Apple to increase the overall average selling price of its smartphone lineup", said Forrester analyst Thomas Husson. Some models, however, may come with 3GB of RAM, especially the budget model. The iPhone X, meanwhile, has a Dh661.50 disparity between its own 64GB and 256GB offerings. If history is any indication, iPhone Xs pre-orders will open up on Friday, September 14 ahead of a release on September 21. But, you won't be able to buy the charger separately.

Currently, it is unknown whether the device will support two SIM card, or only selected models. After all, the larger choice of colors is only a rumor so far and with the red version, Apple would probably take the opportunity to offer the model later as part of the "Product RED" initiative.

Both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will run on the iOS 12 software.

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