NASA shared these chilling images of Hurricane Florence from space

Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station

WATCH: Space Station's view of Hurricane Florence looks eerily apocalyptic

Hurricane Florence is shaping up to be a awful storm, and it does not look any better when you look at it from space.

Spanish Astronaut, Alexander Gerst was part of an global crew that took these incredible photos of Florence from the worldwide Space Station and they are intense, to say the least. However, that does not make the hurricane any less frightening.

Florence is now a powerful Category 3 storm with winds of 125mph, and is expected to strengthen before making landfall along the Carolina coast later this week.

On Wednesday, at the moment of the US National Hurricane Center announcement, Hurricane Florence was at about 335 miles (540 kilometers) away off the US East Coast, more specifically, right at the southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The massive power behind Hurricane Florence resulted in incredible, and downright terrifying, images and videos taken from space.

A high-definition camera outside the International Space Station captured video Tuesday.

Indeed, NASA called the view of Florence from the Space Station "stark" and "sobering". The European Space Agency's astronaut, the German Alexander Gerst, called the hurricane a "no-kidding nightmare". The hurricane is expected to reach 150 miles per hour before landfall Thursday night.

On Wednesday, forecasters projected Florence - now a category 4 hurricane - will likely slow down and turn south after slamming the East Coast.

Hurricane Florence has reportedly been causing 80-plus feet waves.

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