IPhone XS Max: How it compares to Pixel 2 XL, Note 9

Here's how pictures of the new iPhone XS leaked

Here’s how much the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR will cost in Ireland

The iPhone XS and XS Max will go on sale in Hong Kong on September 21, with the iPhone XR coming in late October.

If you're using a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 or older, would you consider getting the iPhone XR? From the back, it looks a whole lot like the iPhone 8, with its single camera sensor, glass rear, and metal frame.

With a bigger screen comes a whopping 3 million pixels, so you will view photos, videos, and games sharpest on the iPhone XS Max. Even the fact that Apple discontinued last year's iPhone X shouldn't come as much of a surprise given that the new iPhone XS seemingly serves as an entry-level option for consumers eager to pick up a new device without necessarily breaking the bank.

The iPhone XR will be shipped with a standard charging adapter, a USB-to-Lightning cable and a pair of Earpods. Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for the largest and most expensive iPhone in history.

The iPhone Max XS is released for preorders on Friday, September 14 - you'll be able to get your hands on the mother of a mobile one week afterwards. The device kills the 3D touch feature but added some haptic feedback, so the screen vibrates a bit in response to touch.

To differentiate itself from the iPhone XS series, the XR gets the iPhone 5C treatment with a choice of six colours, namely Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral and Red. With no Home Button, the XR supports tap to wake, swipe up to the home screen, swipe down to access notifications and the Control Centre.

Here's how pictures of the new iPhone XS leaked
iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max With Dual-SIM Support Launched, Price in India Goes Up to Rs. 1,44,900

Moving to the camera, both the iPhones will have two 12-MP cameras one of which will be a telephoto lens and the other will be a wide-angle lens.

The biggest difference between the XR and the XS is the display - instead of an OLED panel, the XR is relying on an LCD panel. There are new software camera tricks, too, such as the ability to adjust the blur in bokeh shots after the shot has been captured, and "smart HDR" that uses the A12 chipset to identify shadows during photography in real time to enhance dynamic range.

Apple's announced a new smartphone model on Wednesday, the iPhone XR.

There's still some mystery around the XR's modem.

The major changes from previous models will be greater gearing toward internal upgrades rather than design changes, with all models improved with the fitting of the advanced A12 chip.

Here are some of the cool ways that the new iPhone XS and its counterparts take a step further into the future. The iPhone XR will be coming to India in October, with sales starting from 26th October. I don't think iPhone users care about modem performance, and the XR's screen and camera are both very, very good-probably good enough to make iPhone buyers wonder why they should spend more.

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