Hurricane Florence close to landfall, brings ‘catastrophic’ flooding to Carolinas

Time nearly up: Fierce Hurricane Florence aims at Southeast - Story | WFLD

Stare Down from Space into the Churning Maw of Hurricane Florence

The vivid presentation - powered by the Unreal Engine, most commonly used in video games - seems likely to serve as a more pressing demonstration of the storm's threat than a mere written warning, and that's vitally important for folks in impacted areas.

The storm's intensity held at about 90 miles per hour (144 kph), and it appeared that the north side of the eye was the most unsafe place to be as Florence moved ashore.

He spent the last few hours of calm before the storm visiting those who stayed, collecting contact information for their next-of-kin. He urged people to stay off roads during peak storm conditions and warned against driving through standing floodwater.

"Hurricanes don't move through like typical storm events; they are these massive events with a lot of rainfall, and sometimes they move fairly slowly once they make landfall and drop a lot of rain on communities that may not have infrastructure prepared to handle that", Camp told Fox News.

North Carolinians made last-minute preparations and hunkered down to await Florence's arrival.

"They refuse to evacuate", said Combs of a friend who lives a mile out from the beach.

But many other animals will be kept in barns. And newly formed Subtropical Storm Joyce is not expected to threaten land soon.

Live from New Bern, #NorthCarolina a very #flooded scene there.

Cooper requested additional federal disaster assistance in anticipation of what his office called "historic major damage" across the state. Steve Goldstein with NOAA said the Pamlico Sound and the Pamlico and Neuse rivers were particular areas of concern.

Friday's forecast from the National Weather Service calls for patchy drizzle with scattered showers with a low around 70 degrees and northeast wind around 9 miles per hour.

More than 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate - but the window to do so in nearly over.

"Little change in strength is expected before the center reaches the coast, with weakening expected after the center moves inland", the briefing said.

Airlines canceled about 1,200 flights and counting, and some airports in the Carolinas virtually shut down.

"It's going to coming roaring up to the coast Thursday night and say 'I'm not sure I really want to do this and I'll just take a tour of the coast and decide where I want to go inland, '" said Jeff Masters, meteorology director of the private Weather Underground.

Duke Energy, a power company in the Carolinas, estimated that one million to three million customers could lose electricity because of the storm and that it could take weeks to restore.

Will Epperson, a 36-year-old golf course assistant superintendent, said he and his wife had planned to ride out the storm at their home in Hampstead, North Carolina, but then reconsidered.

According to meteorologist Eric Holthaus, even though Florence's winds might not be as strong, Florence could be much worse than Hugo.

But, knowing the intensity of Florence's impact on Myrtle Beach, "My friends are worrying me right now", Combs said.

Frustrated after evacuating his beach home for a storm that has since been downgraded, retired nurse Frederick Fisher grumbled in the lobby of a hotel in Wilmington several miles inland. "I've got four cats inside the house".

"I have no generator", said Petra Langston, a nurse. "They need to shelter in place".

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