Google wants to charge you £3 more for a slightly improved dongle

Google releases an improved headphone jack adapter with better battery life

Google is now offering a new USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter

Even if the company's proprietary Lightning connector is to be replaced with universally compatible USB-C technology, which continues to seem unlikely, one feature that's definitely not making a comeback is the traditional headphone jack.

At first, Google charged a stunning $20 for the adapter on its own, but quickly lowered the price down to $9 to match Apple's own adapter when consumers (understandably) revolted.

This new headphone dongle from Google operates the same way as the old one, allowing users to plug one end into the USB-C port and use the other to connect 3.5mm headphones.

Google sent out invitations last September 6 for the release their newest Android-powered smartphone models, the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL.

The new listing on the Google Store claims that the updated dongle can provide as much as 38 percent longer playback time compared to the previous version. It's also ever-so-slightly-smaller than the previous model. According to one version, Google decided that it would be more appropriate from a financial point of view to the two presentations than to take the journalists, it-editions from different countries in one place. The new adaptor has now been spotted on Google Store, where it is priced at $12 (approximately Rs 870), which is $3 (approximately Rs 220) more than the previous variant. Since there is an integrated digital-to-analog converter hidden in the little cable, most of the gains are likely attributed to changes made to that section.

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