FCC pauses the clock on T-Mobile-Sprint merger

FCC pauses 180-day shot clock on its review of T-Mobile-Sprint merger

T-Mobile Sprint merger review delayed by FCC

The FCC wants to gather more information about the potential effects of the deal. Shares of T-Mobile were up 0.2% after hours, while Sprint shares were down 0.5%.

"This day we are pausing the Price's informal 180-day transaction shot clock in this persevering with".

Fifty-five days into the 180-day shot clock of its review of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, the FCC has hit the pause button.

The FCC said Tuesday it was pausing the review clock - now at Day 55 - because the two companies had submitted new information including a "substantially revised" network engineering model, a new business model and additional economic modeling.

Each of three separate developments require more time. This is largely because it needs more time to review a revised network engineering model from the two companies. Moreover, the Applicants asserted that this is now the "engineering model on which they rely in support of this transaction". The new model is significantly larger and more complex than the old one, the FCC explains, and it incorporates new logic, methodologies, facts, and assumptions that are central to the merger's claimed network benefits. "Beyond frequent time is valuable to enable for thorough group and zero.33-social gathering assessment of newly submitted and anticipated modeling relied on by the Candidates", acknowledged the letter, signed by David B. Lawrence, head of the T-Mobile/Lunge Transaction Project Force, and Donald Stockdale Chief of the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.

A business model detailing how the combined firm would provide "financial basis for the projected new network buildup" wasn't submitted until September 5. The FCC received both on September 5. Accordingly, the Commission and third parties will require additional time to review it. The Commission will decide whether to extend the deadline for reply comments after receiving the remainder of the Applicants' modelling submissions.

T-Mobile said in a statement that it looked forward to working with the FCC in the review process.

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