Blasts near girls' schools in Afghanistan kill teen

Afghanistan suicide bomber kills at least 32 injures 120- official

A boy is hospitalized following multiple explosions in Jalalabad

In late August, two people died and four were injured in a suicide attack during a protest near a provincial office of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan.

A suicide attack on protesters in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday killed at least 32 people, officials said, as an uptick in violence across the war-torn country dampens hopes for peace talks and elections.

Nangarhar province, on the border with Pakistan, has been one of the most volatile regions in Afghanistan this year, with a string of suicide bombings and attacks on the provincial capital Jalalabad.

The protestors asked for dismissal of local police chief.

Relatives and family members of Tuesday's victims have continued blocking the highway, according to local witnesses.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday's attack.

It was the deadliest attack since an ambulance packed with explosives detonated in a crowded street in the heart of Kabul in January, killing more than 100 people, mostly civilians. The Taliban issued a statement denying involvement.

An Afghan wounded boy receives treatment at a hospital following multiple explosions in Jalalabad on September 11, 2018.

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani strongly condemned the suicide attack against the demonstrators as well as the bomb blasts near schools in Nangarhar.

Tuesday's attack was marked by one of the highest death tolls in attacks in Afghanistan this year. Two other blasts took place in Bihsud district early morning.

"These are the final figures and the number of casualties increased after we collected the data from all hospitals in Jalalabad city and hospitals in districts particularly in areas near to the site of the blasts", provincial governor's spokesperson Attaullah Khogyanai told Efe news. That bombing was claimed by the Taliban.

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