Ric Flair Marries Wendy Barlow

Ric Flair Gets Married For The Fifth Time

Ric Flairs Ties the Knot for the Fifth Time

Ric Flair has gained himself a reputation as a ladies man over the years, since he's already been married and divorced four times throughout the course of his career.

Ric Flair has made it official, locking down his longtime fiancee Wendy Barlow in a low-key marriage ceremony on Wednesday. RAW tag team champion Dolph Ziggler was also there and walked Flair's bride down he aisle.

Watch the footage from their nuptials below and congrats to the newlyweds! The couple were Wednesday in a ceremony at a resort in North Florida.

Wendy Barlow and Flair have been dating for over six years and the couple finally tied the knot at a resort in North Florida. Between his dedication to professional wrestling and his seeming inability to differentiate his gimmick from his real life personality, Flair struggled for a long time trying to find "the one". Congratulations to Ric and Wendy!

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