Jon Hamm Wants to Play Batman

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm would like to play Batman, thanks

Jon Hamm isn't the only actor offering his services for an iconic DC Comics character, as news of his interest sparked Frozen star Josh Gad to offer up his abilities to portray the Penguin were the Mad Men star to become Batman.

Hamm made the remarks in an interview with TV programme In Depth, saying: "It depends on the script, what the story is". "I'm a huge comic book fan, always have been". "I've read comic books since I was, you know, 9 or younger. But, I mean, a lot of people have to sign off on that, obviously not just the internet".

Hamm also seems self-aware about the fact that his handsome, chisel-jawed features lend themselves to traditional interpretations of Bruce Wayne, and he's cognizant of how much fans would like to see him in the role. But don't start making fan art of Hamm as Batman just yet, folks - the actor quickly followed that he has "never had a conversation with anybody about it, literally" and has never been in serious negotiations to play Batman.

Still, he's into it.

"I'd probably fit the suit". But, I am sure there's an interesting version of that being out there.

On moving on from Mad Men, a range of thoughts from "Do people want to see me doing anything else?"

While Page Six reported Affleck would be giving up his keys to the Batmobile, there have been murmurs of his exit for quite some time.

Despite being a self-professed comic book nerd (he loved Black Panther and his friend is Legion showrunner Noah Hawley), Hamm hasn't been offered anything, suggesting that he has been close to the Hollywood players that make comic book films a reality.

Hamm added, "Never been offered anything". Prior reports indicated Warner Bros. was looking to cast a younger actor to replace Affleck, with Jake Gyllenhaal's name having been tossed in the ring at one point, along with Jack Huston and the newly-rumored Kit Harington.

Why not, indeed. We love the idea of Jon Hamm for Batman, and sincerely hope this throwaway answer to a throwaway question on Graham Besinger's internet talk show snowballs into something official with Reeves and Warner Bros.

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