Google Home and Home Mini are coming to South Korea next week

Argos launches ‘voice shopping’ using Google’s smart speaker

Argos launches ‘voice shopping’ using Google’s smart speaker 10th September 2018 Product news Retail No CommentsLeah Alger

Credit: Tom's Guide9to5 has discovered a "Digital Wellbeing" tab in the Settings of the newest version of Google Assistant's app, which began rolling out Saturday evening but was quickly pulled due to a bug.

The smart speakers - the Google Home and its little sibling the Home Mini - are based on Google's AI voice assistant, dubbed Google Assistant, and will hit local shelves Tuesday, the company said. "We hope to bring Korean users more convenience with the devices' home entertainment and smart home features", said Mickey Kim, director of Google hardware for the Asia-Pacific region.

Digital Wellbeing is an initiative by Google which essentially curbs the time you spend on your phone. Meanwhile, "Downtime" is reminiscent of "Wind Down" on Android and could block certain users - possibly recognized via Voice Match - from using Home at night or other set hours. Family mode and Filters are just two of these features that haven't yet been enabled, which are supposed to limit what content children could search and voice games that they are allowed to access.

Argos shoppers will have the ability to ask Google Home and the smartphone app Google Assistant to check product availability and reserve items. Of course you can always remove any of the Digital Wellbeing filters if they're getting in the way of your life, but it's very much a positive move to give people the choice to use them if they need to.

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