Apple says new China tariffs will make Apple Watch, AirPods costlier

Ford will not build new Focus cars in US, despite Trump tariffs tweet

Ford Hits Back At Trump, Says It Won’t Build New Focus Cars In U.S. Due To China Tariffs

President Donald Trump on Saturday took aim at Apple after the tech giant said the White House's proposed tariffs on China could result in price increases on popular consumer devices such as AirPods, the company's wireless headphones, and the Apple Watch. That left American companies on edge about whether Beijing might use its control over the heavily regulated economy to disrupt their operations by withholding licenses or launching tax, anti-monopoly or other investigations.

New tariffs on China would make some Apple products more expensive.

Chinese production of the Focus Active will continue as planned to service the local and other foreign markets.

Ford promptly shot down such a prospect, responding that "it would not be profitable" for the company to build the vehicle in the U.S. because of the relatively low sales volume it has forecast.

A USA flag is seen during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing, China, November 9, 2017. "And of course, the world needs both United States and China to prosper, for the world to do well". Kristin Dziczek of the Heart for Automobile Learn acknowledged that Ford can intention Focuses "in many other plant life round the arena, so within the occasion that they made up our minds to proceed to promote a Focus variant within the US market, there are plenty of alternatives rather then building it within the united states."In April, Ford announced plans to cease making autos within the united states - aside from for the iconic Mustang - and to point of interest on extra successful SUVs". That might add to Washington's frustration and prompt more import controls. The Trump administration levied 25 per cent duties on US$34 billion of Chinese imports in July, including motor vehicles. China's trade surplus with the United States widened to a record in August.

"Here in the U.S., Ford has really been a truck company", as NPR reported in April.

Beijing matched Washington's first round of tariffs on $50 billion of goods. "Our concern with these tariffs is that the USA will be hardest hit, and that will result in lower US growth and competitiveness and higher prices for USA consumers", the company said.

Beyond the core products, Apple said accessories like the HomePod speaker, some Beats speakers, AirPort and Time Capsule internet routers, the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, and leather cases for the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Pencil would be affected.

China's imports from the United States past year totalled $153.9 billion.

Last year, Beijing destroyed South Korean retailer Lotte's business in China after the company sold a golf course in South Korea to its government for construction of a missile defence system opposed by Chinese leaders.

The Australian dollar, a proxy for Chinese growth because Australia sells raw materials to China, was at its lowest in more than two years.

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