Serena Williams row: Tennis umpires mulling boycott of matches involving American star

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Serena Williams row: Tennis umpires mulling boycott of matches involving American star

Many officials were also left angry with the fact that the International Tennis Federation (ITF) took almost 48 hours to defend Ramos, on Monday (Sept 10) afternoon, by which time the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) and United States Tennis Association (USTA) had supported Williams' claims of sexism after she was given a game penalty for her behaviour during her defeat by Naomi Osaka.

Williams, beaten in straight sets by Naomi Osaka, was docked a game for verbal abuse, having already had a point penalty for smashing her racquet and a code violation for coaching.

"Serena was out of line, there's no question", said legend King. When a man does the same, he's "outspoken" and there are no repercussions. My goodness. A chilling effect on an entire generation of tennis officials, all because one of them got chewed out by Serena Williams? "More voices are needed to do the same".

The incident has gobbled headlines all week, with some, such as Billie Jean King and USTA head Katrina Adams, saying tennis has a double standard in which men are not similarly punished for outbursts and others, such as Martina Navratilova and Mary Carillo, defending tennis's rules. "She is going for her first Grand Slam title, grew up in NY, that was her moment", she added.

Ramos has said that he is "fine, given the circumstances" days after the match, however. "But I'm going to continue to fight for women".

Williams was fined $17,000 for three code violations during the controversial match, including breaking a racket and verbally abusing the umpire. 'I'm not attacking your character, ' is the most important thing he could have said.

"As for Serena, she really did have a meltdown when she was called for taking coaching".

"We know he's a black and white guy".

"The big issue for umpires everywhere is the importance of the support of governing bodies when umpires are just out there doing their job and making decisions under rules which are given to them by those very governing bodies".

Keothavong said: "Yes, that is a valid point and I think sexism in tennis and across sport is also a valid point".

The 23-time Grand Slam singles victor, one away from tying Margaret Court's record for women or men, claimed that Ramos would not have treated a male player in such a harsh manner.

Ings said that while refs are upset and legitimately concerned about favoritism toward Williams and against them, an actual boycott isn't likely because of the lack of an umpire union and the relatively small number of top-level officials, of which Ramos is considered one.

"It's an unhappy situation but "à la carte" refereeing doesn't exist".

'Do not worry about me!'

His comments come ahead of this weekend's Davis Cup, which he confirmed will see him take to the chair to officiate for the match between Croatia and the United States.

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