New cases brings measles count to 3 in Florida's Gulf Coast

Doctors Urging Parents To Vaccinate Kids As Measles Spreads Across Country

Measles outbreak hits 21 states, including Pennsylvania | Centre Daily Times

Early symptoms appear after seven to 14 days and include a high fever, runny nose and red, watery eyes. In 2016, 86 people from 19 states contracted the illness.

Measles is still common in many parts of the world including countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa, the CDC said.

One in four people in the US who get measles are hospitalized. Last year, 118 cases were reported nationwide, including an outbreak involving 65 patients in Minnesota. On Wednesday, two more unvaccinated people living in the same house as the unvaccinated child were reported to have contracted measles. Three to five days after symptoms begin, a rash breaks out, with small red spots that begin on the face and spread over the entire body.

The states included are: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington, and Washington D.C. The total number of cases that year is the highest number since measles elimination was declared in the United States in 2000.

Out of 1,000 people who contract the virus, two to three will die from it.

The infection can result in hospitalization, pneumonia, encephalitis and even death.

However, LDH is disputing the reports of an "outbreak", posting on their official Facebook page that it stems from a "misinterpretation of the language on the CDC's Measles Cases and Outbreaks website".

Officials urged parents to vaccinate their children. Children typically get the vaccine between 12 and 14 months of age.

While one dose of MMR is about 93 percent effective in preventing measles, two doses are about 97 percent effective. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says some of those confirmed cases were reported locally.

The measles virus can live for up to two hours in an airspace where the infected person coughed or sneezed, according to the CDC.

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