Google apps could be tracking you at all times

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Turning off 'Location History' does not prevent Google from tracking you

Google records the locations of its users even when they've expressly opted out of doing so, a report has found.

Advertising. The more Google knows about you, the more advertising it can sell. If allowed, Google apps will track your movements and save them to your account under your Location History.

Under the main settings icon click on "Security & location".

Even as tech and social-media companies continue to simplify settings and terms-of-service language to comply with European GDPR regulations and post-Cambridge Analytica consumer anxiety, Google still chose to leave out any mention of location tracking under this section.

According to Google's support page on the subject, "You can turn off Location History at any time".

If you were wondering how Google suddenly asks you to rate a restaurant or a supermarket you visited just after you got out of the place, it is thanks to a feature called Location History that Google has on all Android operated devices. Also, the automatic time update on Android shows precisely where the user is, and some searches, that are in no way location-related, show the user's location, down to a single square metre.

Privacy has become a very sensitive issue among device users, and Google has provided certain tools to address concerns.

This sort of sneaky data collection is "wrong", believes Princeton computer scientist Jonathan Mayer.

The argument is that turning off a feature called "Location History" should eliminate Google from following your location no matter what, but according to a representative from the company, that's not necessarily the case. "That seems like a pretty straightforward position to have".

Google insisted it has been perfectly clear.

In a statement to AP, it confirmed there are several ways that Google may use location data - including: Location History, Web and App Activity, and through device-level location services. Google stated, however, that this is made clear to users.

You can turn off Web and App Activity on your Google account to stop the company from collecting your location data, but that's not an ideal solution.

When paused, it will prevent activity on any device from being saved to your account. Turning off Location History only stops Google from saving your movements to your visual history which you can view at any time on your Google account webpage.

The tracking can be disabled through Google's MyActivity settings menu.

In addition, changes in privacy settings cannot 100% guarantee, complicating your life, you will still be able to avoid surveillance by Google, which probably has other monitoring tools.

The map showed his train commute around NY as well as visits to The High Line park, Chelsea Market, Hell's Kitchen, Central Park and Harlem. "This, and other examples before it, are one of the reasons why my phone runs LineageOS, a Google-free fork of Android". In the past, tech companies have gotten in trouble with federal authorities for confusing privacy practices.

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