Two thyroid medications recalled due to contamination concerns — RECALL ALERT

FDA recalls two thyroid medications

FDA recalls two thyroid medications

"Because these products may be used in the treatment of serious medical conditions, patients taking the recalled medicines should continue taking their medicine until they have a replacement product", the FDA said.

Westminster Pharmaceuticals, LLC has instructed wholesalers to stop distributing specific products labeled "Levothyroxine and Liothyronine (Thyroid Tablets, USP)", according to an August 9 release.

The FDA issued an Import Alert regarding Sichuan Friendly in March 2018.

A full list of the medicine lots and expiration dates can be found here. These were thus found to be deficient of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Substandard cGMP practices could represent the possibility of risk being introduced into the manufacturing process. There have been no reports of any side effects or adverse events among the users of these medications however. They contain tetraiodothyronine sodium (T4 levothyroxine) and liothyronine sodium (T3 liothyronine). Both are synthetic thyroid hormones used when a person's thyroid gland is no longer functioning properly. Stopping them could be unsafe.

"Westminster Pharmaceuticals aims to ensure that integrity is embedded in our reputation through the products we develop and market".

Certain batches of hypothyroid medications are being recalled by Westminster Pharmaceuticals after one of its Chinese suppliers failed a US Food and Drug Administration inspection. The company is reaching out to all wholesale customers to ask them to stop filling prescriptions with the affected pills, which are sold in 100-count bottles.

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