Renders Of Palm’s New Android Smartphone Leaked

Palm Android Phone

Palm is Apparently Working on a Tiny Android Phone With a 3.3″ Screen

As smartphone displays get bigger in size, companies are trimming down bezels to make the phones as handy as possible, but TCL is defying the odds and planning to launch a palm-sized smartphone under aptly-named Palm brand.

According to a source speaking to Android Police, the phone - which is apparently codenamed "Pepito" - has just a 3.3-inch LCD screen, potentially making it a godsend for anyone who hates the trend of ever larger phone screens. What's interesting is that it has a 3.3-inch display, which is even smaller than what was found on the original Apple iPhone (3.5 inches).

Moreover, the smartphone will come with 800 mAh battery that's exceptionally small by today's standards.

The phone will be tiny, more in line with the diminutive HP Veer than a higher end Treo or Palm Pre.

The Palm brand name hasn't been attached to a smartphone in nearly a decade, but it looks like it's going to make a comeback, as a new Palm-branded phone has leaked. It will be available in two color variants where the first one will be in Titanium color and the second will come in Gold color.

The phone will run Android 8.1 - hence our interest - and no mention has been made of any software customisations. Given its small stature, TCL didn't have room to add in a 3.5mm headphone jack, so we're assuming that you'll have to stick with USB-C and an adapter if you want to your existing wired headphones.

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