Discord Announces It'll Launch Its Own Games Store

Discord Nitro is getting an upgrade.                  Discord

Discord Nitro is getting an upgrade. Discord

Once out, this will allow players to use Discord to launch any games installed on their computer or device, even if it's from a different launcher altogether. You see, with more than 150 million users and almost 20 million daily users, Discord has become a huge threat for Steam, a go-to platform for games for many. The beta won't have any of those titles, but they're coming soon. According to the company's official blog, they're launching a store where players can purchase games and boot them up straight from the app launcher, similar to what Steam and GOG are now offering.

A new sponsorship program called "First on Discord" has also been launched.

If that wasn't enough, Discord is teaming up with indie studios to bring specific games to the platform first.

The company is borrowing a page from Twitch by offering a selection of "free" games with a Nitro subscription ($5 per month or $50 per year). At launch, this will include titles like Metro: Last Light Redux, Saints Row: The Third and Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. So far, it was only able to make money from Nitro, and all of that changes today with the new gaming store. We knew we didn't want to sell ads or user data, so we had two options left: "cosmetics or content. Nitro was our attempt at cosmetics, now we're adding games to that subscription and building a retail store too". These initial users were randomly selected for the beta in order to test out the new features before the service eventually launches for all 150 million Discord users. The company announced today that it will be opening up a storefront with a carefully curated selection of titles.

Chatting to Variety, Discord's chief marketing officer Eros Resmini says: "We've actually been mulling the idea for a long time".

Discord's gaming store seems like the future of its business.

Discord is also promising one convenient library. If the Universal Library can build on the back of Discord's similarly ubiquitous chat, it could make individual platforms less of a concern for PC gamers, which in turn could make people less hesitant to buy games directly from Discord. Whereas Steam has been opening its gates to all developers, big and small, Discord wants to be a little more exclusive with its store.

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