Powerful tremor hits Indonesia days after quake kills 350


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Another major natural disaster hit the tourist island of Lombok in Indonesia, days after a massive magnitude-6.9 quake on Sunday evening killed more than 300 people.

Another powerful quake has rocked Indonesia, adding further destruction to the already-ruined Lombok island.

The most powerful one struck on Sunday in the northern region of Lombok with a magnitude of 7.0 which has left tens of thousands homeless and 227 dead, rescuers told the Associated Press (AP).

"We are still waiting for assessments from some of the more remote areas in the north of the island, but it is already clear that Sunday's natural disaster was exceptionally destructive", said Christopher Rassi, the head of a Red Cross assessment team on Lombok.

Indonesia's geological agency said the quake Thursday afternoon had a magnitude of 6.2 and was shallow, at a depth of 12 kilometres, centred in the northeast of the island.

The USGS said the latest quake had a magnitude of 5.9 - there are reports it brought down some buildings.

Humanitarian groups say that they are focusing their efforts on reaching these areas which have so far been impassable because of collapsed buildings, roads and other destruction related to Sunday's quake.

He also said they're continuing to look for people with untreated injuries.

The island is a popular holiday spot and thousands of tourists have now left.

Indonesia's chief security minister Wiranto, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, said the latest figures before the third quake suggested 319 people had died. That number is set to rise as more victims are found in the rubble and pulled from collapsed buildings.

The island was still recovering after two other recent earthquakes when the tremor happened.

There is a dire need for medical staff and "long-term aid", especially food and medicine in the worst-hit areas, government officials said.

Some evacuees have complained of being ignored or experiencing long delays for supplies to arrive at shelters.

He said: "People are always saying they need water and tarps".

"More than 3000 people have been evacuated in three days. I do hope the government can help", she said.

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