God of War's New Game Plus Will Arrive on 20th August

God of War New Game Plus Gets Release Date

God of War Gets New Game Plus on August 20

Back at E3 2018, Sony promised a New Game+ mode was heading to its phenomenal action game, God of War. Most previous God of War games had some form of New Game+, but the new PS4 game has lacked the feature. In order to access New Game Plus you'll, of course, have to beat the main story campaign (it doesn't matter what difficulty you play on).

All things considered, it's great to see Santa Monica Studio following through with yet another solid piece of post-launch support for God of War, as director Cory Barlog initially wasn't promising New Game Plus would even make it into the title.

Also new to God of War is the ability to skip cinematics, which will presumably come in handy for all the speedrunners out there. If you already did, New Game+ will be ready and waiting for you on August 20th once you've patched. As you go through the adventure for the second (or third) time around, you will notice that old enemies could have new abilities and be stronger than they were the first time around. But perhaps NG+ will allow players to bypass or quickly get through entire sections with equipment and skills they shouldn't have. The mode comes with a new resource, "Skap Slag" - which Google Translate tells me means "Cabinet Battle" in Norwegian, that can be used to craft gear and weapons from a new rarity tier.

Anybody who has finished the game on any difficulty will be able to play in the New Game Plus more which will bring new gear, more hard enemies, the ability to skip cinematic and more.

God of War is now available on PS4.

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