Best meteor shower of the year peaks this weekend

Best meteor shower of the year peaks this weekend

Here's when Perseid meteor shower is likely to put on a show over Seattle

Where are the best places to go to see the Perseid meteor shower? The only concern for viewing is wildfire smoke is likely to stay parked over Montana through next week.

Meteor enthusiasts in Chicago have two factors working against them: the bright city lights and the moon, which will be shining in its crescent form during the overnight hours of August 11 to 12 and August 12 to 13 when the meteor shower passes by.

According to, during peak people should see about 60-70 meteors per hour.

Why does this occur every summer?

The meteor shower is a result of debris falling from the tail of the Comet Swift-Tuttle bursting into Earth's atmosphere.

This early activity may be a good omen for the nights ahead, especially August 11th-13th when Earth is expected to pass through the densest part of the comet's debris zone.

"The Perseid shower is named for the constellation Perseus, which is its radiant".

Unfortunately the earth will pass through the thickest part of the dust field during the day on Friday and will not be visible but at night there will be enough debris to see the light show.

They meteors tend to be brighter than most that appear in our skies, so the shower is ideal for anyone wishing to see their first "shooting star".

"This year we'll be lucky the moon won't be shining most of the night, it will be a very thin crescent so it should be quite dark".

Meteors, also known as "shooting stars", are the streaks of light produced in the night sky when a meteoroid burns up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Between midnight and 5 a.m. on August 11 and 12. He added that it takes at least 30 minutes for human eyes to adjust, so be patient and that you can expect to be outdoors for a few hours. Bear in mind that between 10pm and 11pm, the meteor shower can be seen by looking slightly more to the north, even though the direction of the meteor shower is still towards the northeast.

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