Answer Update lets Alexa get back to you when she's stumped

Answer Update lets Alexa get back to you when she's stumped

"Answer Update" is a new feature for Alexa that notifies you when she comes up with the answer to a question that she couldn't respond to immediately

After enabled, users will get a notification about an updated answer on the device they use with the AI when the new response is available.

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Interestingly, the prompt will trigger only when users ask Alexa a factual question it didn't have an answer to previously.

With Amazon supporting Alexa with an "open skills" development kit, it's likely we'll see rapid advances in the range of in-car functions the system can provide. Amazon has sold about 50 million Alexa devices, the people said. Of those who did buy something using Alexa, about 90% didn't bother to do repeat voice shopping. Thus drivers will have access to many features that are easily activated through simple voice commands, reports the with reference to Аutogeek.

A figure that is slightly more encouraging for Amazon is that 20 percent of those who bought something with their voice some a more broad engagement, asking things like "What are my deals?" and "Where is my stuff?" to tracker orders. The skill will not be triggered "after listening to a news item or other information about a news item".

One of the sources stated that it is simply the matter of finding a way out of boosting people to continue purchasing via Alexa through data analysis, after which they could flourish the market quickly.

As if the Amazon and Whole Foods marriage could get even cozier, the shopping behemoth just added a new feature to the mix: You can now use Alexa to compile your grocery list, and if you if you have Prime Now, use the speaker to place your order to get delivered within two hours. "We want to enable customers to shop in whatever way is easiest for them". But this issue is one of the main drawbacks of the device, making you feel like it's not as smart and useful as Amazon claims it is.

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