Beauty queen sentenced to death for murder

WATCH: Kenyan beauty queen sentenced to death for murdering boyfriend

Miss Lang'ata Prison Ruth Kamande Handed Death Sentence for Stabbing Boyfriend 22 Times

According to Judge Lessit, Kamande did not deserve mercy since she was not remorseful to have stabbed the 24 year old boyfriend 25 times.

On Thursday, Justice Lesiit ruled that Kamande's actions proved malice, therefore, warranting the death sentence prescribed for the capital offence of murder.

"I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend even where you feel disappointed or frustrated - don't do it".

Through lawyer Joynor Okonjo, Ms Kamande told the judge she was the only source of hope for her ageing mother and that her experience in prison for the past two years had reformed her and made her a better person.

Miss Lang'ata Prison 2016 beauty pageant victor Ruth Kamande has been sentenced to death for the murder of her boyfriend. Kamande was submitting her mitigation before Justice Jessie Lesiit. "She has also enrolled for a theology course in prison; an indication that her stay in custody has streamlined her", he pleaded.

Ruth Kamande in court.

Justice Lesiit dismissed claims that Kamande acted in self defence saying the stab wounds were not consistent with her allegations that her former boyfriend had pinned her down as they fought.

Kamande, 24, murdered her boyfriend using a kitchen knife in September 2015. She has been sentenced to death.

Ms Okonjo added that her client engaged in various activities at the Lang'ata Women Prison, which led to her crowning as Miss Lang'ata beauty in 2016.

Kamande said Mohammed had threatened her when she confronted him.

In 2010, retired president Mwai Kibaki commuted death sentences of 4,000 inmates in death row to life imprisonment while his successor Uhuru Kenyatta did the same for 2,747 inmates.

Despite the lack of executions, death sentences are still passed in Kenya.

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