Thierry Henry receives three job offers after leaving Sky Sports role

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 DEPARTURE Thierry Henry

Image Text DEPARTURE Thierry Henry

Having helped the Red Devils achieve a third place finish in this year's World Cup, Henry has seemingly found extra motivation in playing such an active role in a huge tournament and is now aiming to concentrate on working as a football coach.

Thierry Henry also once coached the Arsenal academy team and he has earned some bit of experience there before he quit after the gunners told him to leave his Sky Sports job and focus on coaching their academy squad.

Henry has worked as assistant to Belgium boss Roberto Martinez since 2016, the intermittent nature of worldwide football allowing the 40-year-old to juggle both commitments. In the end, it was the country Henry played for that emerged victorious and ended up winning the World Cup.

The former Arsenal and Barcelona striker joined the Sky Sports team in 2015, and has offered his expert analysis for three-and-a-half seasons - but he will now pursue his long-term ambition of becoming a coach. (Getty Images) Henry worked with Eden Hazard at the World Cup. earlier reported that Belgian forward Romelu Lukaku has been described as Thierry Henry's "pet project" by Goal's Sam Lee.

The 40-year-old was even at one point considered to be in line to replace his former boss Arsene Wenger at Emirates.

He has been a Sky pundit since retiring as a player in December 2014. In that respect, he's like the European soccer version of Jon Gruden!

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