Sony opens up beta registration for next PS4 firmware update

PS4 System Software Update 6.0

PS4 Firmware 6.00 on the Way as Sony Opens Beta Sign-ups

It appears that PlayStation 4 is set to receive its next milestone firmware update in the coming weeks.

The PlayStation 4's system update 6.00 is in the works, and Sony Interactive Entertainment wants feedback from the players with a beta test that is now available for sign-ups.

As of yet, no information is available on what new features or design tweaks update 6.0 might bring to Sony's black box, but hey, mystery is all part of the fun, I guess.

Registration has officially kicked off from July 19th until July 27th, which means there's only a limited window to let Sony know you're interested.

Layden would later reveal that enabling PSN name changes were "more complex than you think", which would explain the delay.

To sign up for the Japanese PlayStation Network test, you can go here.

Simply click right here for North America or right here for Japan.

If Sony deems it worthy of a test, then it's fair to assume that the next firmware update will be a big one. Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!

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