South Korean Prez urges North, US to move forward on denuclearisation

South Korea Urges North Korea US To Move Forward On Denuclearisation

South Korea's Moon says North Korea-U.S. talks 'on track',...

"In the event North Korea carries out measures for denuclearisation with sincerity, I hope that the North will be invited to the various consultative bodies run by Asean, and that bilateral exchanges and cooperation between Asean and the North will be strengthened".

"No one can be optimistic about the results, but my cautious outlook is that the negotiations would be able to succeed if the North carries out a complete denuclearisation, and the global community gathers efforts to provide security guarantees to the North", Moon said.

Asean has also consistently encouraged the North to give up its nuclear missile development programmes and choose the path towards peace and prosperity, he added.

On the denuclearization process and North Korea's latest harsh remarks about the United States - that the latter was making "unilateral and gangster-like" demands for the North's denuclearization - Moon said at the summit he considered such rhetoric an acceptable "strategy" in the course of a negotiation, according to Blue House Spokesman Yoon Young-chan.

ASEAN in the 2000s supported inter-Korean economic cooperation by putting the same tariff rates applied to South Korea-produced goods on goods produced in the Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC).

In his speech, Mr Moon laid out his vision of a road map to peace involving the United States, Japan, China and Russian Federation, but acknowledged it would not be easy to achieve.

Mr. Kim had vaguely promised to work toward complete denuclearization at his summit with Mr. Trump in Singapore.

Cheong Seong-chang, a senior researcher at the private think tank Sejong Institute, who has spoken favorably of Mr. Moon's North Korea policy and the resulting rapprochement among the two Koreas and the USA, said North Korea must clearly show its determination to denuclearize.

After the three-year war, China, North Korea and the United Nations agreed to an armistice in 1953.

The NSP aims to diversify and widen South Korea's economic and political ties with other regional countries for a more balanced foreign, diplomatic engagement. A breakdown in talks risks a resumption of hostile rhetoric between Washington and Pyongyang and would fuel worries about North Korea's weapons of mass destruction, which include biochemical arms.

"If Chairman Kim Jong-un keeps his promise to denuclearise, he may be able to lead his country to prosperity", Moon said.

"While the North criticized the US through a statement issued by the foreign affairs ministry, it was meant to express its complaint that the USA was not taking actions corresponding with actual measures they have taken [for denuclearization]", Moon was quoted as saying by Yoon. "I am aware it is a hard process", said Mr Moon. This is why I believe it's a completely different approach compared to the past.

"Even if there are some bumps and bruises at the working-level negotiations, these agreements will be adhered to in the end".

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