Greenland Village Evacuated as Iceberg Approaches

Гигантский айсберг вплотную подошел к селу в Гренландии вызвав панику

The locals fear that they may salesnote tsunami

That's what researchers are comparing the 11-million-ton iceberg now looming over a tiny village in Greenland to.

An iceberg has drifted close to a village on the western coast of Greenland, and people close to shore have been evacuated in case it calves - potentially causing a tsunami.

Professor David Holland from New York University, an expert in atmospheric and ocean science, said it was "largest event" seen in over a decade in the country, describing it as a "very complex, chaotic, noisy event".

Imagine living in a house in the suburbs and one morning looking out your front window to find a skyscraper towering over your home.

The iceberg is 200 metres wide and rises almost 100 metres above sea level, according to the New York Times. Ice is ubiquitous along Greenland's coast, but this giant has put the inhabitants of the village, Innaarsuit, population 169, on edge. People were also advised to get their boats out of the way.

Last June, an natural disaster triggered a tsunami near the village of Nuugaatsiaq that washed away 11 homes and killed four people.

Residents are hoping for a strong wind and turning tide, which could push the iceberg safely past the island into the nearby Baffin Bay, but now, warmer weather and precipitation are causing experts to fear a large chunk will break off and the resulting wave will swamp the town.

Scientists have watched an iceberg four miles long break off from a glacier.

Hogg adds that icebergs, while massive, are fragile and contain fractures throughout them.

Meanwhile, in Innaarsuit residents were waiting to return to their homes.

"Iceberg production in Greenland has been increasing in the past 100 years as climate change has become stronger", he said.

Helheim Glacier is one of Greenland's largest outlet glaciers and is named after the world of the dead in Norse mythology.

Authorities fear the village could be flooded if the iceberg breaks apart.

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