Trump Attacks CNN, NBC in Joint Press Conference With British Prime Minister

Trump Attacks CNN, NBC in Joint Press Conference With British Prime Minister

WATCH: Trump Flat Out Refuses Question from CNN's Acosta at Presser: 'Let's Go to a Real Network'

US President Donald Trump lashed out at "fake news" during a joint press conference with US PM Theresa May, singling out NBC and denying the CNN correspondent a question.

"Maybe I'll go first because I didn't criticize the Prime Minister, I have a lot of respect for the Prime Minister and unfortunately there was a story that was done which was generally fine but it didn't put in what I said about the Prime Minister and I said tremendous things", he said. [The Sun] didn't put in what I said about the prime minister. Did Trump criticize Prime Minister Theresa May, or was it "fake news"?

British reporters also caught heat from the USA leader, with Trump chastising The Sun for cutting out all the praise he had heaped on May from a sensationalist interview published Thursday.

During a news conference with United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump refused to take a question from a CNN reporter on the grounds that the network was filled with "fake news".

Different continent, same old CNN-hating Trump.

"I loved the fact that the president wouldn't take a question from CNN".

Roberts said later that he paused when Acosta and Trump went back and forth, and asked his own question when it became clear the president would not entertain one from CNN.

"Can I ask you a question", Acosta continued.

"Saying a news organization isn't real doesn't change the facts and won't stop us from doing our jobs", Talev said.

Donald Trump used a global platform on Friday to blast CNN and NBC, the two television networks he most loves to hate, as "dishonest" and 'fake news'.

President Trump thought he was in friendly territory when he decided Thursday to give an exclusive interview to Britain's Sun newspaper, a racy, pro-Trump tabloid owned by friend-of-Trump Rupert Murdoch.

The Sun's headline: "Trump's Brexit Blast: Donald Trump told Theresa May how to do Brexit "but she wrecked it" - and says the U.S. trade deal is off".

"For the President to call her dishonest is unfair", Roberts said.

Roberts then began putting his question to the president through the microphone provided to him as the reporter granted a question by the president.

Roberts issued a statement through Fox News defending Welker saying, "She is honest as the day is long".

"No, no", Trump responded, calling the network "fake news". Lesson for the kids out there: "no one should ever try to do the right thing with the expectation it will ever be reciprocated".

"You see, that is such dishonest reporting".

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