Trump wants 'more American-looking' Air Force One

Air Force One is specially adapted to include a medical suite as well as a Presidential suite

Air Force One is specially adapted to include a medical suite as well as a presidential suite

He instead opted for blue, which was reportedly his favorite color. The design would not include any eagles on the side, though.

An official told CNN that no decision about the redesign has been reached yet, but confirmed that Trump is deeply involved in the negotiations.

He added to Axios, "JFK and Jackie Kennedy approved that timeless design (created pro bono by the premier mid-20th century industrial designer Raymond Loewy) to replace an earlier version of Air Force One that had simply said "MILITARY AIR TRANSPORT SERVICE" and which made conspicuous use of the color orange, which Kennedy rightfully found 'gaudy'".

The planes now used by the White House were first brought into service back in 1990.

Though Trump is commissioning the changes, he may not see them unless he is re-elected. Trump is making his first trip to Britain as president after a tense summit with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders in Brussels and on the heels of ruptures in British Prime Minister Theresa May's government because of the crisis over Britain's exit from the European Union.

We're told that Trump wants a color scheme that "looks more American" and isn't a "Jackie Kennedy color".

The redesign could cause some disapproval within the Air Force and it may take awhile to complete. He also wants to make at least one change to the interior of the plane.

Air Force One, the 747 that carries the president, could be getting a major makeover.

The White House announced the deal would save taxpayers $1.4 billion, as the cost will be a reduction from the initial $5 billion estimate for the new planes.

Wish lists aside, the outlet notes that Trump may only get to enjoy a ride aboard his dream jet if he makes it into a second term, reporting that the new pair of 747s are "very unlikely" to be ready before January 20, 2021.

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