Sonos Speakers Get AirPlay 2 Support Via Software Update

How to update Sonos speakers for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

Sonos IPO May Receive a Timely Boost After Its Speakers Add Apple Airplay Functionality

Right now, you can only use Siri to access Apple Music, however. That means that on average, every Sonos user has 2.7 speakers at home. The list includes Sonos Beam, Sonos Playbase, Sonos One, and the second-gen Sonos Play:5 (any Sonos speaker with touch controls).

It's easy to understand why Sonos wouldn't get into it during set-up - all of the TVs have different options, and if you throw sources into the mix it adds an extra layer of complexity. However, this means that you will be missing out on certain functionality.

There are plenty of reasons for investors to be skeptical of Sonos stock, particularly when its devices' access to cloud and streaming services is at the mercy of the company's biggest competitors.

Since HomePod has native Apple Music streaming support, if you initiate playback from Siri on the speaker it won't be affected if you later leave the house with your iPhone in your pocket.

There's been a lot of buzz around the Sonos One wireless speaker and Sonos Beam soundbar of late.

The Apple Home app will respect whatever speaker groupings you've established in the Sonos app, and you can pin those speaker rooms to your favorites pane if you want. Over the coming months, Airplay 2 will be enabled on speakers from Bang & Olufsen, Libratone, Denon, and others. Sonos' big-sound-in-small-speakers design has won praise, along with loyalty of some users who install them in multiple rooms.

According to Sonos sales statistics from its IPO filing compiled by Statista, Sonos customers have registered more than 19 million speakers in 6.9 million households worldwide. AirPlay also lets you unlock sound from a whole selection of content apps and services. If it has an AirPlay icon, you can stream it on Sonos. Whilst the company has successfully carved a path to being a consumer favourite that also has won the hearts of some custom project owners, there's an aspect of Sonos' work with Alexa voice control that seems fairly fragile. But, if you have older speakers, you can group them with these newer devices in the Sonos app. Once its added, make sure to give it the same name as it has in the Sonos app. Tap ‘Done. If you have any other Sonos speaker, and have linked it to a standalone Echo smart speaker using the Sonos skill, you can use Alexa on that in the same way.

Sonos notes that you can use the Alexa assistant built into the One and Beam to control music started through Siri commands, too, although, to be clear, Siri is less involved here than it is on the HomePod where it is integrated from the ground up. Start the music one way, then control it however you prefer. Sonos is expected to be valued between $2.5 billion and $3 billion following the IPO.

However, you're not out of luck if you have older Sonos products as long as you have at least one of the compatible speakers. While you can't stream over AirPlay 2 from your iPhone X to, say, a Play:1 or a Playbar directly, you can group those speakers with one of the four natively compatible models.

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