Massive fuel tank explosion rocks Cairo airport

Explosion heard near Cairo airport, flights unaffected

Massive Explosion Reported Near Cairo Airport

One Twitter user, Matthew Keidas, has said: "This guy says a worker at the airport said it was an explosion at the fuel depot in Cairo airport".

A huge explosion has reportedly been heard at Cairo Airport.

Sky News Arabic correspondent Faisal bin Huraiz shared an eyewitness video showing an explosion in the direction of what appeared to be Cairo International Airport.

Saudi-based outlet Al Arabiya cited the Egyptian Ministry of Aviation as saying that flight traffic was unaffected and that state television reported civil defense teams had brought the fire under control.

Images on social media showed a tremendous cloud of fire just near the airport.

While flights have not been affected, some witnesses described the auto traffic in and out of the airport as a "nightmare".

Various sources are claiming that the explosion was from a fuel tanker near the airport, indicating that the incident might be an accident rather than foul play.

All flights have been suspended at the airport while officials investigate the blast. There is no information available on possible injuries or fatalities.

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