Love Island fans declare Idris 'cancelled' as he 'lies' to Laura

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INSTAGRAM • KEELEY MAGUIRELove Island 2018 Jack and Dani were put under strain when his ex Ellie suddenly entered the villa

The explosive rows that took place led to Laura hastily dumping Jack, before calming down and asking him to take her back.

Just in case you forgot, Islander Georgia Steel chose to take Jack on a date, leaving Laura fuming.

Following the split, Jack described Georgia as "muggy", accusing her of lying about their kiss, which he said was not mutual, but which she said was.

And they both rest their eyes on Georgia, who has had plenty of attention on her recently.

"Your actions and words are slightly contradicting", Laura told Georgia, who was also told by Ellie Brown: "Don't say you're loyal when you're f***ing not".

Speaking on last night's (08.07.18) episode, Jack said: "All I want to do is watch "Coronation Street". That for me was the worst time because anything I say now or do now you're going to think he's acting like this because two boys have come in.

It looks like new Jack is second-guessing his decision to end things with Laura in tonight's episode as we see two new boys, Idris and Kieran enter the villa.

Later in the evening, the girls were treated to dinner by their partners, and Laura told Jack: "I have woken up today like, what the f*** have I done?" Laura said: "I have been today thinking 'what have I done?' I just don't want to be mugged off".

Idris replied: 'But do you actually believe in Jack?' You were on a different date to me then darling because I haven't kissed you intentionally on your lips, I'm sorry if you feel like that'.

He said that if they were to rekindle their relationship, it would be "like taking two steps back".

Laura said: 'Yeah. Do you not think we're right together?' Obviously you're really attractive and we do get on but if I'm being honest I don't really see on the outside, after the villa, how we would really work.

It seems the controversy on Love Island has ended up sparking controversy about Love Island.

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