Gboard for iPhone update adds Morse code

Google launches Morse code input for iOS devices

Gboard for iOS gets Morse code to help people with disabilities

To get started with Morse code on your iOS device, you need to download the latest Gboard app through the App Store.

Back in May, Google showcased a new feature for Gboard that allows users to type in Morse code. Finlayson helped Google's team design the keyboard layout and more.

If you want to learn how to use Morse Code, either for your personal education or to communicate with someone with accessibility difficulties, Google created a Morse Typing Trainer game that claims to be able to teach users in just under an hour. Now Finlayson has penned a blog post on the official Google blog to talk about the new feature within Gboard, and how the ability to speak with Morse code has changed her life.

"Morse code" is a method of sending text messages by keying in a series of electronic pulses, usually represented as a short pulse (called a "dot") and a long pulse (a "dash")".

This was announced and launched for Android after the Google I/O Conference 2018 last May but now they're launching it to more devices and platforms and also improving the existing one.

Earlier this year, we partnered with developer Tania Finlayson, an expert in Morse code assistive technology, to make Morse code more accessible.

Have you tried out the Morse code feature in Gboard for Android? Google has even released a game to make learning Morse code easier. It works with all the iPhone models starting from iPhone 5s to iPhone X and all the iPad versions starting from iPad Air and iPad mini 2 to 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well as iPod touch.

Morse code for Gboard includes settings that allow you to customize your keyboard to fit your needs.

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