Flynn joins consulting firm ahead of criminal sentencing

WASHINGTON DC- July 10 Michael Flynn former National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump departs the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse following a pre-sentencing hearing

Michael Flynn meets karma on his way to the courthouse door

Former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn will be in court again Tuesday, for a procedural hearing about his sentencing.

The lawyer, Robert Kelner, said Flynn - who pleaded guilty, as part of a probe into possible collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's 2016 election campaign - "was aware that a statement was being drafted, but he did not intend that it be issued at this time". "He (Flynn) was aware that a statement was being drafted, but he did not intend that it be issued at this time".

(Ret.) Michael T. Flynn has joined the firm Stonington Global LLC and quoted a statement that it attributed to General Flynn. "General Flynn has not joined Stonington and did not personally issue any public statement".

The question at hand: Why do Flynn's lawyers and Mueller's team want to move forward with steps usually reserved for the sentencing phase while simultaneously asking to delay sentencing?

Mueller's team reportedly investigated Flynn's history of suspicious business dealings and financial ties to Russian Federation, as well as his former lobbying firm and its dealings with Turkey.

The crime that Flynn admitted committing, formally known as "making false statements", carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, according to federal guidelines.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who took over the case after the judge who heard Flynn's guilty plea stepped aside, told lawyers for both sides he had "a level of discomfort", with the notion of imposing a sentence before engaging with them.

Sullivan asked why he should break with his usual practice, which is to set a sentencing date at the same time he launches the pre-sentencing review. He said its issuance appeared to be the result of a misunderstanding.

The Wall Street Journal was first to report the announcement declaring Flynn's return to the consulting world following his ouster from the Trump administration and ensuing guilty plea past year. Prior to his return to the working world, sources close to Flynn say he had been spending time with his family in Rhode Island this summer.

Flynn is not the only person from Trump's team who agreed to cooperate with the special counsel's office.

A prominent Trump supporter during the 2016 campaign, Flynn only served 24 days as national security adviser in the Trump White House before he was forced out for misleading Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Kislyak.

In addition to discussing a sentencing date, Kelner told Sullivan that the facts of the case "are not likely to change in any material way" between now and sentencing. In the months since he pleaded guilty, Flynn has largely remained outside of the spotlight-avoiding the media and even shutting down a conservative lobbyist's unauthorized attempt to fundraise for his legal defense fund. He pleaded guilty previous year to lying to federal agents about his contacts with Russians.

It all just goes to show that they don't call America the "land of opportunity" for nothing: In what other country could a humble, aging, criminally corrupt former high-ranking national security official and unregistered lobbyist for foreign governments work his way up to becoming a registered lobbyist at a firm whose co-founder allegedly helped the Qatari government hack Elliott Broidy's emails?

The move was announced Tuesday morning, but by early evening, reality apparently dawned on Flynn.

"Lock her up, that's right", Flynn said, as he began clapping along with the chant.

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