Federation Internationale de Football Association wants Broadcasters to show Fewer Shots of Attractive Women

World Cup marred by'significant sexism on the streets

Vehicles drive along New Arbat street with the logo of the soccer World Cup displayed on buildings in Moscow. Reuters

The World Cup has been marred by an estimated 300 cases of sexism on the streets tarnishing an otherwise positive tournament, the head of an anti-discrimination group said on Tuesday.

Federico Addiechi, who is the diversity chief at FIFA, has recently spoke about how they want to crackdown on cameramen zooming in on "hot" women to try and 'step up and tackle sexism in football, ' according to a report from The Independent.

Among the glamorous fans attracting attention are former porn star Natalya Nemchinova, named as Russia's hottest World Cup fan, along with wives and girlfriends of footballers playing for England, Croatia and France.

He said: 'We've done it with individual broadcasters.

Some of them have lost their FAN IDs - the documents required for all spectators to access World Cup stadiums - and been forced to leave the country as a result of such behaviour, he added.

Addiechi has said Federation Internationale de Football Association already has spoken with the broadcasters "on a case-by-case basis when some cases arose and they were pretty evident".

Honey shots have been a common phenomenon at this year's World Cup as well.

In regard to other forms of discrimination, Addiechi and Powar said various measures taken by the authorities - banning orders, diversity training and so on - were successful and the Russian people themselves have been great hosts.

"It's been a largely positive experience and there hasn't been a great deal of incidents of the type we expected", Powar told reporters, referring to pre-tournament fears of racism and homophobia.

'There is a gap there that the FAs and fans have taken advantage of.

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