Trump claims Germany is 'totally controlled' by Russian Federation

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg left next to President Donald Trump in Brussels

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg left next to President Donald Trump in Brussels

"We're supposed to protect you against Russian Federation but they're paying billions of dollars to Russian Federation and I think that's very inappropriate". He also alluded to "other countries" with trade barriers against the his criticism. "Must pay 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY, not by 2025".

The president made the remarks less a formal proposal, but while urging members to up their contributions and promote fair burden sharing across the organization. Trump's idea wasn't reflected in the summit conclusions.

President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have met after the US leader publicly lambasted the longtime ally over its spending on national defense and a Russian oil pipeline.

Trump, who has long criticised Berlin for not spending enough on NATO's mutual defence and for alleged unfair trade practices noted Germany's "tremendous success".

In a startling public outburst, Trump told NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg that Germany was wrong to support a new $11-billion Baltic Sea pipeline to import Russian gas while being slow to meet targets for contributing to NATO defence spending that was meant to protect Europe from Russia. "They're delinquent, as far as I'm concerned, because the United States has had to pay for them".

Trump's words about the upcoming Putin meeting contrasted sharply with the way in which he assailed Germany as he arrived in Brussels.

"This has gone on for many presidents". That is more than current US spending as a proportion of GDP - and Pentagon budgets maintain bases and deploy fleets around the world, something that shouldn't be expected from Estonia or Spain. "This has been brought up by other presidents".

Before an evening program, Trump met with Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Emmanuel Macron.

Alluding to Trump's comments about Germany, Kerry also said that "European energy security is an important topic for allies to discuss, even when they disagree".

"I'd think [he] might remember that it was North Atlantic Treaty Organisation that stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States after 9/11, among many other contributions", he said.

"We are stronger together", Stoltenberg insisted, but acknowledged that there can be differences among allies. "I just don't want us to be too friendly with them like he was with Kim Jong Un, although I supported that summit", Richardson said. "We put the largest part of our military capabilities at the service of Nato.We are defending the interests of the United States".

If Mr. Trump's real concern were inadequate European spending, he should have started by better informing himself.

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