North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies should double their defense spending goals

Trump stokes tensions with US allies ahead of NATO summit

Trump brands Germany a “captive of Russia,” days before he meets Putin

"We're protecting Germany, France and everybody. this has been going on for decades", Trump said. American officials say the itself short of that mark, spending 3.3 percent of its GDP on defense.

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the main focus should be on all members reaching the current target of 2 percent of GDP.

Praising new initiatives to build capacity, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg estimated that as much as 266 billion additional USA dollars would be spent by European allies and Canada on defense by 2024.

Trump told NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg that Germany was wrong to support a new Baltic Sea pipeline to import Russian gas while being slow to meet targets for contributing to NATO defence spending meant to protect Europe from Russia.

President Donald Trump has consistently attacked his North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies for their spending levels and trade practices on Twitter in the weeks leading up to the summit. "I hope you have no doubt this is an investment in our security, which can not be said with confidence about Russian & Chinese spending".

"He suggested that countries not only meet their commitment of 2 percent of their GDP on defense spending, but that they increase it to 4 percent", Sarah Sanders told reporters.

"I am very glad that we are united today in freedom as the Federal Republic of Germany and that we can therefore also make our own independent policies and make our own independent decisions".

'The paying for Europe's protection, then loses billions on Trade.

Bloomberg omitted the part where Radev said that Trump spoke first and added a claim from the Bulgarian leader that the US president left the meeting immediately after his own remarks.

"It certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they pay billions of dollars to Russia, and now we have to defend them against Russia", Trump said. We are good partners, and we wish to continue to cooperate in the future.

Mr Trump is the 12th sitting U.S. president to make such a trip, and will spend time with the Queen and prime minister before flying to Scotland to spend the weekend at his golf resort.

Later Wednesday, Mr. Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the summit.

"Because we understand that when we stand together, also in dealing with Russian Federation, we are stronger", Stoltenberg said.

The defense minister agreed with Trump about defense spending.

NATO's chief Jens Stoltenberg wants leaders to agree to fund Afghan security forces until 2024, despite public fatigue in Western countries about their involvement in the conflict.

The meeting comes ahead of Mr Trump's four-day working visit to the United Kingdom, during which he will hold talks with Mrs May at Chequers, meet the Queen in Windsor Castle and spend two days in Scotland preparing for Monday's face-to-face summit with Mr Putin in Finland.

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