NFL'er, Atlanta native Adam 'Pac-Man' Jones assaulted at Hartsfield-Jackson airport

Adam 'Pacman' Jones Involved in Fight at Atlanta Airport, Employee Arrested

Video surfaces of wild Pacman Jones fight in airport

Former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was involved in a violent incident at the Atlanta airport, TMZ reports.

Frank Ragin, an employee of facilities management company ABM, "made a gesture toward" Jones, the TMZ article states. Jones then approached Ragin and the two men began exchanging words. After missing just two games over the past five years, Jones played just nine games last season due to a groin injury which landed him on injured reserve. Bad news for him is that he was identified as the one who started the fight and was therefore arrested.

During the fight, cops say Ragin also hit Pacman's female companion - injuring her hand. Misdemeanor counts of assault and disorderly conduct were dismissed at the prosecution's request, and Jones received time served for the two days he spent in jail following his arrest. Police said Ragin was the instigator and Pacman was defending himself. In February of the following year, he was arrested for obstruction of justice following an incident at his Georgia home. Jones and his companion refused medical treatment. In 2012, a jury ordered Jones to pay $11 million in damages to the victims. He missed the entire 2007 season, banned by Roger Goodell. Upon reaching a plea agreement, the National Football League suspended Jones for one game. In the end, the other guy falls onto his back before Jones is pulled away.

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