Man could lose limbs from flesh-eating bacteria

New Jersey dad may lose all four limbs from flesh-eating bacteria

Angel Perez of Millville N.J. was crabbing on the Maurice River when he contracted flesh-eating bacteria

Angel Perez spent July 2 doing one of his favorite things: crabbing. The next day, Perez had swelling near some scratches on his right leg.

Larry Hajna, a spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, said, unfortunately, this type of bacteria is not uncommon for the waters.

Now the man, who also has Parkinson's Disease, is in critical condition at the Cooper University Hospital.

Angel Perez, 60, of Millville, Jersey, was catching crabs last week (left and right) off the Maurice River.

Experts advise anyone with open wounds or cuts to stay out of the water and those with compromised immune systems or chronic conditions to avoid eating raw shellfish.

When a number of cases were reported previous year in Alabama, Dr. Karen Landers, assistant state health officer for the Alabama Department of Public Health, told CNN that it's important to be "wound- and water-aware", especially during the summer months.

VNF is referred to as a flesh-eating bacteria because the infection results in tissue damage and death.

Doctors believe that the Vibrio bacteria, which is often found in warmer waters where the river meets the sea, is behind his infection.

If he doesn't, they may have to amputate all of his limbs.

'The infection has spread to his blood.his skin. "You can see it spreading from his feet all the way above his kneecap". Perez-Dilan said that doctors at the hospital are working to save her father's legs and arms - but that "the infection has spread to his blood".

Doctors are waiting to see if Perez responds to antibiotics, his daughter says. But the symptoms got worse. And then another friend of [my father's] that goes fishing there, he now has a baseball-size swelling of his elbow and that's where he's been going'. He's able to breathe on his own and communicate with his family, according to the outlet.

Perez-Dilan told KYW that the "choice is life or limbs, and I've heard that multiple times".

'He's been praising God nonstop. "He's just happy to have a second chance".

She told WPVI that she wants people to know that "as much as we need water, it can be poisonous".

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