Magic Leap’s mixed reality headset is coming this summer

AT&T Gets Exclusive Deal to Sell Magic Leap's AR/VR Headset

AT&T to sell Magic Leap's augmented reality gadget in U.S.

The demonstration is shown in the video below, where a Magic Leap developer gives a brief look at what appears to be a very simple game. As per the agreement, AT&T will become the exclusive wireless distributor of Magic Leap products for consumers in the US. Phrasing that AT&T is the exclusive "wireless" distributor suggests you may still find the headset in big box stores and online.

The Creator Edition is scheduled to ship to qualified designers and developers later this year although pricing still remains a mystery.

It's been a long time coming, with whispers of the headset being little more than vaporware along the way, but the naysayers could be about to be silenced - Magic Leap finally has a release window.

Eye tracking and head tracking are both included, as well. Only demo spaces in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco will be showing off Magic Leap's magical (and still invisible) wares, with more markets eventually following. The "Lightwear" glasses have a unique look that stands out from other virtual reality headsets.

The company has now confirmed that it is using an Nvidia Tegra X2 multi-core processor inside the unit's wearable puck-shaped computer housing. The other six cores will be used for various other functions. ML Next is Magic Leap's mysterious next device.

AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan said they are excited to pair their pioneering technologies, unmatched network, content platform and vast customer ecosystem with Magic Leap's efforts to build the next generation of computing. We've combined our Digital Lightfield technology with environment mapping, precision tracking and soundfield audio to produce unbelievable experiences that feel natural.

This blends with natural light to produce more lifelike objects over real world settings.

The engine that drives our spatial computing platform.

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