Love Island's Sam and Kieran clash over Georgia in tense scenes

Grace Wardle

Grace Wardle has kept quiet in the villa

Revealing why she picked Alex for the date, Alexandra says: "I feel like people haven't really given you a chance and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to get to know you".

Georgia denied that, saying she'd gone to kiss him on the cheek but a turn of heads meant the kiss landed on his lips, but it was neither one's fault.

'If he wants to wear the shirt let him wear the shirt, he's not your property - calm your mind Laura, caallllm with that psycho stuff.

A new girl will enter the villa tonight, and it's causing a lot of stress for some islanders.

While discussing Laura's relationship with Jack, Idris confided in her that he initiated the infamous kiss with Georgia Steel.

New Jack gets a text: "Jack, it's time to freshen up as Alexandra has chosen you for her second date".

A shocked Laura returns to the villa on Wednesday night's episode to confront Jack, saying she "doesn't want to look like a mug".

Sparks flew between Alex and Alexandra, but it wasn't long before Idris chose to try his luck and get his flirt on.

"I need Georgia to be exposed", one Twitter user wrote, "Can somebody show Laura this kiss between please??... He's looked at me and you and he's trying to mess it up".

Meanwhile, Idris tells some of the other boys that in his opinion, new Jack went in for the kiss.

"You've tried to break up a couple and you've got a game plan". But who will Laura believe?

Sam says: "Georgia this has been horrendous".

He says: "With Laura I've been squashing it, trying to progress with it and then you've come in here and you've started chatting rubbish".

She admits to be being "really annoyed" but Jack tells her: "Don't overthink it, it's just a date".

Sam tells her: "I do trust you and I know we've said things to each other". "Bmt, I say we boycott #LoveIsIand until the release the footage of the kiss". She said 'I'm just real and if I do get along with you better than I get along with Sam maybe...' but it's early days.

Love Island continues nightly at 9pm on ITV2.

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