Judge Doubles Down On Order To Move Manafort To New Jail

Paul Manafort says he's being treated 'like a VIP' in jail

Manafort treated as prison ‘VIP’ with his own bathroom, shower, and phone

Manafort last week asked the judge to delay the trial in the Virginia case - set to start in Alexandria later this month - claiming that his detention was impeding his trial prep. Manafort cited the rural jail's distance from his attorneys' offices, arguing it took them two-plus hours to drive there for in-person meetings. According to the government, Manafort has had multiple visits a week from his legal team according to visitor logs. Mueller's office pointed out that the supposed reasons for the delay-including the aforementioned lack of prep time and wanting "passions to cool" so jurors could be impartial-would seem to apply to both cases, yet Manafort has not asked to delay the D.C. case, which is also focuses on his Ukraine work. Manafort doesn't even have to wear a prison jumpsuit.

The team prosecuting Donald Trump's former campaign chairman has a message for Paul Manafort: no more excuses.

Manafort's will now be housed in an Alexandria, Virginia facility.

"Manafort has access to a separate workroom at the jail to meet with his attorneys and legal team", it continues.

U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis ordered defense attorneys and prosecutors to appear July 17 in court for oral arguments on delaying the trial.

Mueller is now prosecuting Manafort in two separate criminal cases in Virginia and Washington, DC on a dozen criminal charges including tax and bank fraud, conspiracy, lying to investigators, and obstruction of justice.

Manafort is scheduled to stand trial on financial crimes starting July 25.

"Think about how it'll play elsewhere", Manafort said, according to the court filing.

"Among the unique privileges Manafort enjoys at the jail are a private, self-contained living unit, which is larger than other inmates" units, his own bathroom and shower facility, his own personal telephone, and his own workspace to prepare for trial", a footnote in the filing reads.

Regarding how he's prepared for trial, prosecutors heard him say on a taped call that he's reviewed all evidence before his trial, met with his lawyers every day and has "all my files like I would at home", the filing says.

Manafort received three meals a day in his approximately 14x14 foot VIP section cell, which came equipped with a toilet, a shower, a place to sit, a small table, a TV with basic cable, and a phone to make outgoing collect calls.

Manafort is charged with bank and tax fraud in eastern Virginia and is separately charged in Washington with counts including money laundering and failing to register as a foreign agent.

Ellis denied Manafort's request to reverse the order in a court document posted Wednesday.

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