Historian Jerzy Targalski's Cat Steals Interview Spotlight

Jerzy's cat climbed onto his shoulders mid-interview

Jerzy's cat climbed onto his shoulders mid-interview

Dutch news show Nieuwsuur was interviewing Polish academic Jerzy Targalski about the controversial forced removal of Poland's top Supreme Court judge when Targalski's cat Lisio demanded a moment in the spotlight. When the cat's tail blocks his eyes, he gently brushes it away.

Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma, who was conducting the interview, shared a video of the cat's antics on Twitter and it has now been shared nearly 9000 times.

"Jerzy Targlaski remained completely unruffled during our interview when this happened", Bouma wrote with the video, which has been viewed on Twitter more than 300,000 times since it was posted on July 7.

As Targalski talked about Polish history, Lisio climbed up his arm and onto his head and shoulders.

Targalski continued talking to journalist Rudy Bouma as if it were all pre-planned.

Dr Targalski was giving an interview to a Dutch current affairs show ginger moggy Lisio hopped on his bonce.

Targalski deserves some sort of award for continuing as smoothly as he did even with a cat tail in his face. Follow INSIDER on Facebook.

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