Despite Android's massive market share, iOS still makes more money for developers

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As App Store turns 10, Apple drops heavy hints of AR future

The App Store was first launched in July, 2008. The app is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android phones and in Apple's App Store for iPhones. Surprisingly, Steve Jobs was initially resistant to the idea of an App Store. The most-downloaded app of all time on the platform is Facebook, while a report The Verge, quoting a new study from App Annie, revealed that Netflix was the app that users spend the most time with.

So how are you celebrating the App Store's 10th year on Earth? Uber, Instagram and Tinder, for example, have ushered in a wave of startups that wouldn't have been around before the iPhone.

For a while, Apple had received complaints from developers who said it was tough for their apps to be seen among the insane amount of them on the store. The Apple Watch presents new app development opportunities and with the latest Apple Watch 3, users can now use the watch on its own without tethering it to the phone.

This has led to an influx of fake Android apps that are hoodwinking users. Siri still needs some improvement, but Apple can also pursue voice controlled apps.

Earlier this month IT news organizations around the globe reported that Epic Games' popular Fortnite game was being counterfeited and malicious actors were, in fact, lacing the imposter apps with malware.

At a time when developers had little avenues other than big companies to go to for software, Apple's App Store offered an alternative.

What's next for the App Store?

Though you will not be able to pay for apps or subscriptions on the App Store or the Mac App Store on your Apple device without adding a payment method, you will still be able to have access to all the free apps without adding a card to your Apple ID.

Apple also delved into how the App Store allowed developers to combine Apple devices' hardware with their software, allowing apps to do more than many had ever dreamed.

With a 30% cut of app sales, thriving demand and key advantages over Android (that Google can't easily overcome), the App Store will continue to be a key contributor to Services revenue, the company's second largest division.

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