TicWatch Pro with 'Layered Display' now available for $249

The 'dual-screen' Ticwatch Pro costs $250

TicWatch Pro aims to tackle smartwatch battery life with an always-on second screen

We may still argue about the usefulness of smartwatches, but few would disagree that a wearable with a flat battery is no use at all.

The downside to those dual displays - and the TicWatch Pro's relatively affordable price - is its bulk.

You can now pick up Mobvoi's TicWatch Pro smartwatch from Amazon.

When is it out? Really, though, second display aside, TicWatch isn't doing a huge amount different with the TicWatch Pro than we've seen from other smartwatches. If you live in the United Kingdom or USA, you'll need to head to Amazon to be able to buy the watch and if you want it soon you'll have to be an Amazon Prime member. The watch will be available only to Amazon Prime subscribers through August 15. "Ultimately, TicWatch Pro is our flagship smartwatch created to further our mission of bringing anyone and everyone access to affordable, high-quality smart devices". That's more than both the Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E cost, but it's not as much as other high-end Wear OS watches like the LG Watch Sport. And that's because there's two of them.

The TicWatch Pro's differentiating feature is its two displays: a transparent and low-power FTSN LCD display on top of an OLED display. That means, essentially, there are two screens; one on top of the other. The display will show you, well, essential information such as the time, date, steps taken, and your heart rate. You can also just use the LCD screen on its own for serious power-saving, but we'll discuss that more in the battery section below.

The case is made from glass fiber infused nylon, similar to what we've seen from other sports-focussed smartwatches, but has a stainless steel bezel and rear cover for added durability.

Do you plan on picking up the TicWatch Pro? The skin-friendly silicon strap is covered with a premium grade Italian leather. It's available in black and silver. That may not sound long, but it feels like an age when you're at the register at the grocery store, waiting for Android Pay to be available. It comes in at 12.6mm thick and 58.5g. The TicWatch Pro does have a rating of IP68, meaning it should survive a dip in the pool of up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

The Ticwatch Pro may look like a fashion-led watch, but it comes with a heart rate monitor, Global Positioning System and step tracking skills. It's running Wear OS, has NFC for payments with Google Pay, has Bluetooth 4.2, and has a 415mAh battery. The Google Assistant allows you to do other tasks and control other smart devices from the watch. An LTE version of the watch is expected down the road.

The TicWatch Pro's display is 1.39-inches and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.

The Ticwatch Pro runs Google's Wear OS, so at its core you should get much the same experience as you do on the majority of smartwatches. The TicWatch Pro is rated at up to two days in that mode, and honestly that's a conservative estimate in my experience.

That's good, but no better than the likes of the Samsung Gear S3. What's most important to know about the technology, however, is that it allows the watch to get a whopping 30 days of battery life. When the 400 x 400 resolution OLED panel goes to standby after a period of inactivity, the FSTN panel kicks in and shows the time constantly, ensuring the more battery-draining OLED panel isn't using any power at all.

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