Monster Hunter World PC release date and system requirements announced

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Monster's Hunter World on PC Will Finally Get a Confirmed Release Date Tomorrow

What do you think of the news that Monster Hunter World on PC won't have mod support at launch?

Capcom will announce the release date, distribution platform, and minimum specifications for the PC version of Monster Hunter: World on Monday, July 9 at 9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET, the company teased. The game arriving to the hybrid console, however, will not be Monster Hunter: World, but rather Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate, the localized version of Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo 3DS. Monster Hunter World on PC will be available exclusively through Steam as a digital-only release.

The game's preorder bonuses also appear on the Monster Hunter: World Steam page. Two editions will come, including a standard edition for $59.99, and a Digital Deluxe edition now discounted 6% at $70.48. Pre-purchases will also come with the Fair Wind charm, which contains skills that increase players' attack power and reduce the damage that players take. The console versions launched January 26, but they didn't run at 4K60. Capcom launched Street Fighter V with the ability, for instance, but that won't be a reality for World.

Now, on the PC, the publisher has a chance to hit an entirely different audience with what could end up as the best Monster Hunter: World experience yet with its ultra-sharp resolution and smooth 60 frames per second gameplay.

Along with the release date and purchasing information, Capcom also shared a handful of important details regarding Monster Hunter World that PC game players will want to know about. It remains unclear, however, whether there will be an uncapped frame-rate option.

"When the game launches, the visuals will have parity with the console versions".

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