Google Pay for desktop gets a facelift

The EU may force Google to make significant changes to Android

Looming fine means Google might have to stop forcing its own apps onto Android devices

As TechCrunch reports, the second big addition is the ability to save mobile tickets and boarding passes within Google Pay.

Google Pay now has a new "Send" tab that features a "Send or request money" carousel with your contacts. You may recall that when the switch to Google Pay happened, Google kept this feature as a separate app called Google Pay Send. This particular feature will only work in the United States.

"Nobody is forced to take Google's apps, but if you want to have certain apps you have to have the whole suite", said Jakob Kucharczyk, Google E.U representative.

Next, support for storing event tickets and boarding passes within the app.

Google Chrome could drastically change if the ruling went ahead and the tech giant complied with it - the search engine would no longer be pre-installed on all Android devices, meaning users would have to go through an added step of downloading it through the Play Store to use it. We also know more brands and services will be integrated with Google Pay so expected related announcements in the coming months.

We're combining the Google Pay and Google Pay Send apps. It's a simple feature but one that should make splitting a bill between multiple people much easier.

We've tried this before with Southwest Airlines and now, you can save even tickets you brought online from different sources. These include Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines, and Vueling. You don't have to print tickets because you only need to show your phone. Everything is synced with your Google Account, so if you update your payment info on the web, it'll be reflected on your phone.

If she decides to slap Google with the fine, it will be the second record fine since previous year, when the European Union fined Google US$2.7 billion for allegedly lowering the ranking of competitor shopping comparison tools to promote its own. Log in to your Google account to see all transactions and history.

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