'They STINK of alcohol' Boozy SEAGULLS causing havoc for animal rescuers

Gulls have been arriving at a RSPCA centre smelling of alcohol

Gulls have been arriving at a RSPCA centre smelling of alcohol Credit Richard Austin

Animal rescue groups in the United Kingdom have reported that they have seen a high number of cases of drunk seagulls in recent weeks.

Officials from an RSPCA centre in West Hatch, Taunton, Somerset, said the birds struggled to stand, but seemed to recover after vomiting.

RSPCA officers Jo Daniel, Clara Scully and Paul Adams have collected several seagulls with the same symptoms in recent weeks.

Couper told the Somerset County Gazette that the RSPCA has treated a number of drunk seagulls from across the English county of Devon and some from the neighboring county of Dorset.

There was one instance of a bird who had consumed too much alcohol that had been left on a beach in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Animal rescuers have been collecting the gulls along the South Coast, fearing, at first, the birds had succumbed to the deadly bacterial disease, botulism.

"Sadly, a few of the birds have died but majority have made good recoveries and have been released after a few days in our care".

They're not sure what exactly has caused the birds to appear "drunk", but they suspect the birds might be getting into waste from nearby breweries, the BBC reported.

Some of the birds have even died from suspected hangovers and now the RSPCA is urging local breweries to secure their waste for fear of turning anymore seagulls into boozehounds. Animal welfare experts, think that the birds' inebriated state may be the result of feeding on brewery waste.

"The birds absolutely stink of alcohol when we collect them so now our vans smell like pubs!"

Anyone who has any concerns for the welfare of a bird or any animal can contact the RSPCA's 24-hour helpline on 0300 1234 999.

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