Here’s why you should not wear a tie to office

Медики объяснили почему носить галстуки вредно для здоровья

In many offices tie is a necessary item of clothing

According to a paper published last week in the journal Neuroradiology and cited by medical website Aunt Minnie, the impact of wearing neckties on people's health had largely been unknown prior to the 21st century.

And this study by Robin Lüddecke at University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein is the latest evidence. This causes reduced blood flow to the brain.

Half of the men were asked to wear open collared comfortable shirts while the other half was asked to wear Windsor-knotted ties which were tightened to cause slight discomfort. All had successive MRI scans and those in the first group were scanned wearing the tightened tie, loosening the tie but buttoning the collar, and loosening the tie and unbuttoning the collar. The other group underwent three MRI scans but without a tie and an open collar.

Study suggests men who wear t-shirts in the office may produce better work.

The research team saw an immediate drop in cerebral blood flow. Practical investigations showed that when using it in just a few minutes the blood supply of the brain is much worse.

However this study was very small, only 30 subjects and I'm not convinced that its a compression on the arterial circulation that we're seeing.

Lack of adequate blood supply to vital areas of the brain can cause damage to the areas of the brain and also reduce the functional capacity of the brain as has been seen from earlier studies.

"If the patient consistently were to wear a tight necktie as a normal preference in daily life, this could lead to a sustained increase in IOP and could predispose to the development of glaucomatous optic neuropathy, thereby rendering a tight necktie a risk factor as well as a confounder of accurate IOP measurement", the researchers wrote in their study. Larger studies that also look into brain functions as a result of constrictive wearing of ties are in order he said.

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