Four-year-old girl with cerebral palsy takes first steps

Ann Tisdale Her mother said that Maya's dream

Ann Tisdale Her mother said that Maya's dream"is to walk

Maya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy just two months shy of her 2nd birthday.

Her brother can be heard in the background encouraging her by telling her she's already been walking for a minute.

Her family calls her their "Mighty Girl" and we can absolutely see why.

Maya, four, takes her first steps as her family watches on. After Maya's procedure, the doctor informed Maya's parents that she would someday be able to walk but not without daily physical therapy.

Her mom caught the whole thing on video and it's so inspirational. In the video, Maya stands up to take her first step, gleefully giggles and says, "I'm walking!"

Prior to this, Maya had learned to get around with the help of a walker, making these particular steps a double dose of success for the little girl.

In 2013, Maya was born prematurely at 26 weeks and weighed 1 pound, 10 ounces, according to her mother, Ann Tisdale.

Tisdale said that despite the diagnosis, Maya remained very independent, wanting to do everything that her two older brothers did.

Maya's first steps come just seven weeks after she underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy, a surgical procedure on the lower spinal cord.

Maya previously walked with support. "Because of her CP, Maya is now unable to stand on her own for more than a few seconds, or walk without the use of walker".

The predicted timeline was around six months, but on July 1, about seven weeks post-surgery, Maya took her first steps.

The video was posted this week on the family's Instagram account "Mighty Miss Maya", with the caption "4 years, 10 months". She still has the damage in her brain and she still has some tightness in her legs.

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